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Data for healthy growth in Online Retail

All data to excell as a Retailer and make healthy and controlled growth possible

Assortiment scan and optimization

How did you select the assortment of your webshop? Dataedis will determine, by means of an assortment scan, how your offer to the market varies from other players. Choose the width and depth in your selection of subcategories.

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Optimization of assortment and pricing

The right price level is a dynamic and complex issue for most retailers. Do you always have to be the cheapest provider in the market? No, certainly not. Based on the right data, you can determine a price level with a healthy margin but still be competitive.

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Excel in e-Commerce by using product specifications

Consumers make a purchase based on multiple criteria. E.g. the right info at the right moment. We will provide you with the best possible (marketing-) technical description of the product to boost conversion on your website and online marketing channels.

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Continuous validation of your proposition

Our services can be purchased only once, when needed. However, the data is dynamic and the ecommerce landscape is constantly changing. Upon request, we will keep you informed of these changes by means of frequent updates of our services. 

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Data is the key to healthy and controlled growth in Retail

No longer trial-and-error approach. Gain insight and overview by means of the right and correct data

What pricing strategy are you following? What data do you have available for that? What is the assortment are you offering? Why exactly? What product specifications are shown? Why this selection? Do you think or do you know this based on facts?

When we can provide you with an optimal and optimized assortment advice and pricing level and product data... would you be interested?


Our services

This is an overview of the services we provide for our clients (retailers, distributors, manufacterers and other stakeholders in the chain for online retail). We can provide frequent updates for our services (varying from monthly updates to multiple times per day):

Assortiment scan

We analyse your product range and compare this with other players in the market. We will investigate the width and depth in requested subcategories. We can give insight in how your assortment relates to that of the market (e.g. fast movers versus long-tail). After this first analysis we have created a startingpoint to further optimize the assortment. We will set targets for the requested position in the market. By offering frequent reports and updates we provide advice on your assortment within your company's objectives.

Pricing optimization

Besides advice regarding the product range, we provide insight into the pricing in the market. We look at the market as a whole and zoom in on specific players. We will give insight in the diffeences between your product range compared to the market. Now we can determine objectives and optimize the assortment further. We like to discuss the impact of CLTV, CAC, price elasticity, return reduction, margin, fast-moving products versus long-tail, etc. Target is to reach the company objectives with a healthy margin and a stable supply.

Marketing of product specs

We optimize the assortment and price level through iterations. The next step is to optimize the conversion by showing the right product specifications. Choose the right technical and marketing specs, not only for the online marketing channels, but also the specifications on your website. This also improves the quality scores in the online marketing campaigns and channels (SEO, SEA, Google Shopping, FB, etc etc.). This leads to a conversion increase and a significant cost reduction the spent in Online Marketing.


You as a retailer (or service provider) are offering products on market places. In order to win the so-called 'buy-button', you will need to have insight in the actual data of all offerings. Not all data is available or not accuarate or updated. We can help you with that. We give you insight into the data available on many marketplaces. Not only national, but also international. This includes the price levels of the suppliers per article, but also the specifications, delivery time, stock, etc. This cannot be checked manually. We provide the data at the time you want.

Market scan all shops

We work for some platforms that always want to offer the lowest price for a selection of brands or suppliers. In order to guarantee the lowest price, it is crucial to have an overview of all players offering the products. In addition you need insight in the corresponding actual price level. Dataedis can provide this overview by means of a frequent market scan of the providers (eg weekly or monthly) and provide insight in the price levels by means of a daily update. Now you can determine whether action is necessary in the offer and/or price level.

Productfeed-website check

Did you know that 8-20% of the product feeds of shops in the various marketing channels are incorrect and not up to date. This is almost unimaginable, but the data you see (in e.g Google Shopping or various marketplaces) is often out of date. This is often the result of delays or internal technical processes. We can protect you as a retailer, supplier, marketplace or other marketing channel from getting into this situation and suffering a dent in your image with the consumer. We provide insight through regular daily checks so that action can be taken.


The Secret of Success

Retailer X used to have a standard product range and not an advanced strategy conceerning assortment and price level. The data available was too limited to do otherwise. After we did an initial scan of the assortment and price level we could achieve already a growth in margin and revenue. After completion of the roadmap we were able to achieve a growth in margin of 7% and a growth in revenue of 11% within 6 months. All company targets were met and we are now looking to expand the service to other subcategories.


We are specialized in this segment. We offer a complete overview of the products and prices in your market. What are the additional services provided in this segment?


For many retailers, price is an important aspect, but there are many more issues that are important for both retailers and end customers. Consider delivery time, delivery, assembly, workshop planning, additional services, etc.


There are shops that generate almost half of the yearly revenue in the last quarter of the year. For example toys is a good example for this. The question now is:  Do we offer the right assortment the rest of the year?


The specialty is generalism. This counts for department stores. They had a difficult time in retail over the last years. Although there is still room for these players. It is a matter of the right product range combined with price level. So a clear strategy is needed here. In addition, we can help to keep customers coming back to the store for a longer period of time.


An overview of the modules that we can offer in our services in the form of 'screenshots' of the 'deliverables' of our services. This gives a picture of what you will receive as a customer (more information will follow in January 2020). As players change their focus, offers and / or pricing and (international) providers are added, we would like to keep you informed of these changes through frequent updates:

Customer reviews & references

We can talk for hours about our services, but what is better than having clients tell you what we did for them?

'Working with the people at Dataedis has been a very positive experience for us. The company is still in a build-up phase, but already offers so much value in services. This combined with flexibility that we can purchase tailor made services. The data and advice reports help us greatly with optimizing the product range, pricing and supply of information on product pages and in campaigns.'

Car tire retailer

'We have started taking one-off data only once. Soon it became apparent that we could use this data much more frequently. We have optimized our margin and have even managed to grow our revenue, so double growth. To be honest, we did not expect such a positive result when we started this pilot project with Dataedis. It's good to sometimes take a chance and go for it. Another aspect that we are very satisfied with is clear and honest communication.' 

Sporting goods retailer 

'From our network someone knew about the new start of Dataedis and we were one of their first customers. We started to obtain data from Dataedis. This service has been further improved in cooperation. The services that are now being delivered are perfectly in line with our needs. With this information we can prepare and validate decisions (much better than before).' 

Toy retailer

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Our team

Of course you want to know who you are in contact with. This is the team of Dataedis. In addition we joined forces with many specailists in different areas to further improve our services. 

Francesco Allertsen

Co-founder & Partner

Hamid Bazoobandi

Co-founder & Partner

Bart van Engeland



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