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Data for healthy growth in Online Retail

Dataedis offers data the make a healthy growth in Online Retail possible. We provide Competitor pricing data, assortment information and product specifications from sources such as Google Shopping, Amazon and other market places or channels.

Competitor pricing data tracking & monitoring

Dataedis provides data to gain insight into the pricing of all vendors in the market. We can provide the data for specific channels or ecosystems such as Google Shopping and Amazon. But also other Online Marketing channels are available.

With the pricing data we help many players in the market to get data to make valid decisions possible. Most of the market places provide insufficient data in order to let advertisers pay too much. By using the data of Dataedis retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers/brands have the complete overview of which products are sold for which price by which shop or vendor. 

By applying the right business logic and business rules, healthy margins can be achieved to make a sustainable growth possible. Sometimes it can be useful to offer promotions, but you do not need to be the cheapest whop at all times. Having the correct and up-to-date pricing data for that is crucial. Dataedis fuels many Dynamic Pricing solutions (SaaS solutions). Also we provide the data to many (larger) web shops that have developed these tools themselves or connect the data themselves to these tools. 

So there are several ways to cooperate with Dataedis. The first is always: start your free 14 days trial period now. 

Competitor pricing data information

Assortment comparison scan

By retrieving all prices, shops, products, brands, etc. from several Online Marketing channels that cover almost all online sales of physical products, we have insight in the assortment of all vendors and shops that are active. 

Assortment comparison information

Dataedis can provide the assortment that is advertised with by any shop that is active in Amazon or Google Shopping worldwide. We can provide the insights for what assortment a shop is offering and compare this with your assortment. We can also provide the overlap assortment and the differences. Dataedis can provide insights per brand, product range, shop, channel/market place. 

Also Dataedis can provide insights in which shops are selling a particular item. So by running a selection of products we can provide insights for who is selling a product at what price. 

We analyze your product range and compare this with other players in the market. We will investigate the width and depth in requested subcategories. We can give insight in how your assortment relates to that of the market (e.g. fast movers versus long-tail). After this first analysis we have created a starting point to further optimize the assortment. We will set targets for the requested position in the market. By offering frequent reports and updates we provide advice on your assortment within your company’s objectives.


Product specifications

Describing your products properly will boost conversion from visitors to paying customers. We offer the best product specifications like title, description and image combined with the right product specs used on the international market places.

Product specifications for your products

You already thought about optimizing the assortment and price level through the right data and business-rule-based iterations.

The next step is to optimize the conversion by showing the right product specifications. Choose the right technical and marketing specs, not only for the online marketing channels, but also the specifications to show on your website. This also improves the quality scores in the online marketing campaigns and channels (SEO, SEA, Google Shopping, Amazon, etc etc.). This leads to a conversion increase and a significant cost reduction in the budgets spent in Online Marketing.

Boost your margin by boosting conversion to paying customers.


Competition market overview

Dataedis gives you actual insights in which shops are selling the same items that you Get insight in which other shops are selling the same items and get an overview of all vendors in the market selling the same items.

What other vendors are selling the same items

You are selling a large assortment in various markets. You have an idea of the usual competitors you are facing in these markets, but do you know all of them. Do you have insight in all shops selling the same items as you? 

Dataedis can provide you with a complete overview of the shops that are selling the same items. This data can help you set the right and useful business rules for your pricing strategy. In the tooling you use for Dynamic pricing you can select shops to follow and select the ones not to follow. The correct shop data to make these decisions is crucial.

Stock status and delivery times other vendors

Keep track of whether items are in stock with other vendors and what their delivery time is, so you can adjust your pricing level if needed.

On stock items at other vendors and delivery times

In case the items that you sell are on stock at other vendors is of interest to you. Also if they can deliver within for example 24 hours or 48 hours is of importance. But also the fact that if they can not deliver and the items are not on stock. Especially in this last situation: you might want to adjust your price accordingly, because there is no need to follow the lower prices of your competitors. They are not able to deliver in time, so the potential customer might select you if he needs the product soon. 

This data can help you significantly in making the right pricing decisions. Dataedis can provide you this valuable data to make a healthy growth in Online Retail possible.

Insight in Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)

View which vendors in the market use the MSRP? This is interesting for manufacturers, distributors and other vendors to keep sights of what price ranges are offered in the market (in relation to the initial price suggested by the manufacturer). 

Manufactureres Sugested Retail Prices

Brands can not force their retailers to sell at a certain price by law in for example the European Union. In other regions or countries this is different. In both case it is still very interesting to see what price ranges are active in the market and how they relate to the MSRP.

Dataedis offers the complete overview of the prices in the market. By adding the MSRP you can see the variation of the prices.

Activities and Statistics per channel or market place

What are the most active vendors, shops, products or brands per online marketing channel such as Google Shopping or Amazon? Dataedis can provide the data per category or any break-down you might require.

Activities and Statistics per channel or market place

Imagine you are a retailer and interested to see what other vendors are doing in the market segment you are active in. How do your online activities relate to others that offer a similar assortment? First of all: we can help to identify which other vendors are selling comparable assortment. You’ll be surprised to see who your real competitors are. Next step we can provide you with insight on the activity per channel of each of the competitors.  This way you have a benchmark to set the right goals and targets. 

Also, we can provide insights on the activity of brands and specific products. Which are the most active brands, how many products does each brand offer per category. What are the products that are offered by the highest number of shops? What products are sold by only one or a few shops. What oppertunities can be distilled from this data for you?

Notifications about promotions

Stay informed about promotional or sale campaigns of all providers in the market. When prices change you are the first to know. We have multiple ways to show other vendors or brands promotions.

Be the first to know if promotions are offered by your competitors

Since you have a lot of competitors (shops and/or brands) you want to follow, it is hard to keep track of their promotional campaigns upfront. Therefore we made it as easy as possible to track the promotions and sale items as soon as they appear online. This way you are among the first to notice significant price changes due to promotional activities, sale-actions, solden campaigns, etc. 

We can help you with the ‘from’ and ‘for’ pricing level. With this data the promotion or discount can be calculated. You even can set filters to only show discounts of for example 10% or more. This way you only might want to act in a selection of cases. 

General information about other stores, shops and vendors

What are the quality marks, rating numbers & scores, website platform technology of other providers. Do you know what your main competitors are per channel? Do you know what website technology they are using, do you know how active they are per channel? Or do you know what quality marks they are entitled to use? Do you know the actual score of their review ratings (the rating itself and the number of ratings they received)?

Know your competitor

Dataedis can give you insight in the Quality marks of your competitors, the website technological platform, the rating numbers and rating scores etc. So make sure you have complete overview of what your competition is doing in the market. On a frequent basis we can provide you with an update on the Review Rating score, but also the Review rating number. Also Dataedis can provide you with an update on the quality marks that your competitors are allowed to use on their website and in their campaigns. Maybe you also want to know what technology others ae using? Maybe this can help you in evaluating your own platform.

Besides review ratings (scores and numbers) for shops, we also provide product review ratings (both scores and numbers). This way you can select to only offer the best reviewed products in your assortment.

This data can be provided on a regular basis. Daily or monthly or quarterly, or upon request when you need an update.

Business-rule-based feed optimization

Optimize campaigns, feeds and budget by applying the right data based rules for prices and delivery times.

Business-rule-based feed optimization

By receiving the right data, we can help you to optimize the campaigns and online marketing activities and make it easier to allocate your budgets better and more effective and efficient. Did you ever think about combining data streams? We can help you with that to optimize your margins and sell at the right price.

Example: You are offering product X in your assortment. 25 other shops are also selling the same item. Your pricing is mid-range, so not the most expensive and also not the cheapest pricing in the market. You have the item on stock, or at least you are able to deliver in 24 hrs or 48 hrs to the client. By applying our data, you see that 5 other stores that offer a cheaper price are not able to deliver within 48 hrs. SO you can stick with your current pricing, because clients that need the product within a couple of days, will visit your webshop. Price is important, but there are more factors that are included in a ‘good deal’. 

These are just basic examples of how to optimise your campaigns and especially to keep your margin healthy. 

Similar (comparable) products

View almost similar products based on specifications. What articles are similar items (besides GTIN13 and brand) that consumers are evaluating to buy, or what products are your items competing with?

Similar (comparable) products

For a lot of products you know what other brands are selling in a comparable range of products. But since there are a lot more vendors offering new brands and manufacter the almost exact same product and then sell it. These products and brands are not known yet. We can detect them and offer you the option to make selections and match the products to almost similar items. This way you have a good overview of what’s happening in the markets you are active on. 

With the growth of market places like Amazon, a lot of vendors check what items are popular and then start sourcing and manufacturing it themselves. They will offer a product that is practically the same, but has a different brand name, unique identifier and image. Still, your potential client is taking this item also into account before deciding what product to purchase. 

Make sure you know exactly what is offered in the market, especially the offers besides the usual brands and manufacturers. Because those are know and you probably have some knowledge about that already. 

Data filtering & selection queries

Dataedis has a lot of data for Online Retail available. This can be useful for retailers, distributors, brands, manufacturers, whole-sellers, etc. Query the data, for example: Show all 4K tv’s with screen size 50 ″ and minimal 100Hz, etc. Or show all brands in category ‘Baking molds’

Dataedis biedt mapping en matching van unieke identificatienummers aan (EAN, GTIN, ASIN, UPC, MPN, ISBN)

Data filtering & selection queries

We offer the possibility to filter and select our data. We can filter the data based upon some generic queries, but we also can help you by making specific selections for your assortment or categories you are active in. 

Dataedis is preparing some frequent reports that can be obtained for the generic queries. Contact us for more information about this option. 

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