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Dynamic pricing and other B2B providers for Online Retail marketing services

Dynamic pricing and other B2B providers for Online Retail marketing services

Dataedis is a supplier of data for Online Retai. That is our focus and only focus. Over the years we have been in contact with a lot of Business-to-Business Service Providers for Online Retail and webshops in general. Some of them offer services where pricing data or assortment data and product specifications are needed. They started to build their services and retrieved the data themselves. While growing their business they realised that retrieving the data and scaling this to professional level (scale and quality) is a specialism on its own. On the other hand, we see that offering services for Dynamic pricing, applying pricing strategies and Online Marketing services is a specialism on its own. Therefor we work together with a lot of partners that use our data, so they can focus on their core capacities. We’ll do the same and refer clients with specific questions to them. Do you want to become a partner of Dataedis, please contact us and we will start a cooperation rightaway. 

Dynamic Pricing solution providers

Do you provide services for Dynamic Pricing, or do you help your clients with the execution of the correct pricing strategies? What sources do you use for the competitive pricing strategy for example? Please do not tell us that you retrieve the data still yourselves? As you know (and please check with the hero’s at the Tech team) this is a compex and specialized task. Especially scaling up to larger amounts and multiple countries is a challenge. Also, how to focus on localized content and get all smaller implications properly set up. And then the quality: how can you realize good coverage and find the correct products to match to your client’s assortment. All these questions can be answerred and handled by Dataedis. We will be the data provider at the back-end, enabling you to excel with your clients. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss the possibilities to work together. We would like to offer a free pilot where you can compare the data you are currently using with the quality of our data. Please get in touch with us, so we can explain the details for the pilot.