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Competitor price tracking & Competitor price monitoring

Competitor price tracking & Competitor price monitoring

Imagine, you are a webshop, or B2B service provider in the Online Retail market segment. In order to enable yourself to generate a healthy margin, you need to have insight in the pricing levels of the competition. What prices are other vendors offering in the market and do you need to addapt or adjust your pricing strategy to it? In order to make the right decisions we can provide you with Competitor price tracking & Competitor price monitoring data.

Competitor price tracking & Competitor price monitoring

First of all we want to make clear that Dataedis is not suggesting that you constantly need to lower your price level in order to compete with other shops. We do suggest to keep track of the pricing levels in the market so you are able to adjust where needed. This can be done by lowering your product prices if possible, but also to increase the price level if possible. Only this way you can still attract a significant amount of potential customers and still make a healthy margin. 

Dataedis is working together with a set of partners that are specialiced in this specific area of knowledge. We can bring you into contact with them. Also we can offer the right data for making the right decisions related to pricing strategies and competitive pricing or competitor price monitoring. 

So stay ahead of your competitors by using the best data in the market and for the channels you need. Dataedis is offering pricing intelligence data for competitor price tracking for Google Shopping and Amazon and many other market places or Retail ecosystems. 


Reference cases clients of Dataedis

Dataedis serves many customers, directly (web shops) or indirectly (via B2B service providers, for example for Dynamic Pricing or Online Marketing services). We are happy to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities of the data with stories from our customers. Click here to view some reference cases.


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