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Amazon – pricing information, product specifications and search result pages

Amazon – pricing information, product specifications and search result pages

Dataedis is specialized in making data available for online retail organizations. One of the sources for which Dataedis provides data is Amazon. The data of this international e-commerce giant is available for all 20 countries where Amazon is active. The information available from Amazon includes:

1. Price information based on an EAN or ASIN search
2. Product information and specifications as picture
3. Cross-matching of ASIN and GTIN/EAN unique product numbers
4. Search or Category Result Pages

Pricing data

The price information that can be supplied from Amazon consists of various components. For each unique product identifier EAN (GTIN13) or ASIN (Amazon unique identifier) ​​we can provide the following data points:

Data field – Description

ProductTitle – The name of the product
ProductImageURL – URL for the main image accompanying the product
ProductRatingValue – Product rating value
ProductRatingCount – The number of product reviews/ratings
ProductGTINCode – Product GTIN code
ProductASINCode – Product ASIN code
URL – Product detail page URL
OtherOffersCount – The number of other offers for this item
BestOffer – The details of the best offer
OtherOffers – A list of the offers next to the best offer

With this data you get full insight into the bandwidth of the price level of a product, but also insight into the prices of individual providers.

Amazon other vendors and product specifications

In addition to the price information for the best offer, Dataedis also offers additional data about the other stores/sellers and the specifications per product.

Amazon other vendors and product specifications

For the products offered on Amazon, the following information is available about other offers and product specifications:

Data field – Description

PriceRange – The price range, for example €110-165
PriceRangeIncludingShippingCost – The price range including shipping costs
Currency – The currency in which the price is stated
SellerName – name of the seller (seller)
SellerRatingValue – The seller’s rating (Amazon seller)
SellerPositivePercentage – The percentage of positive feedback for the seller
SellerRatingCount – The number of ratings for the provider
SellerID – The unique ID number of the seller on Amazon
SellerURL – The URL of seller’s store on Amazon
URL – The URL of the listing’s product detail page on Amazon
ShipperName – The name of the shipper
HasFreeShipping – Indicates whether there is free shipping
ShipmentCost – The cost of shipping
ShipmentCostCurrency – The currency for shipping costs
DeliveryDateLowerBound – The first possible delivery date
DeliveryDateHigherBound – The latest possible delivery date
Condition – The condition of the product (e.g. new, used, refurbished)

Search term (and category) results from Amazon

It is not only possible to search for a specific product or article by means of a unique number such as EAN or GTIN13. The search results for more general search terms are also transparent and deliverable. For example, insight can be given into which products are shown after a search such as ‘4K TV’ or ‘baking pan’ to gain insight into all providers for a particular search term. This provides insight into the products that are sold (eg the brands that are active in a certain category). It also provides insight into which stores sell products in a certain category or for a specific search query.

Search term results (SERP) in Amazon

Search terms can also be entered in Google Shopping to find all relevant search results. For example, the search term 4K TV can return all 4K televisions. These articles provide both webshops and manufacturers/brands with perfect insight into the offer per categories in which they are active.

Data field– Description

keyword – The search term that was searched for
results – The results for the search up to a maximum of 100 products.

The data can also be supplied from Amazon for all products and brands per category. The products that are shown in this search can then also be supplemented with the above-mentioned price and product information.

All Amazon countries

Said data for Amazon can be provided for all countries in which Amazon is active with a website (country-specific domain, e.g. .nl or .fr, etc.).

All Amazon countries

Dataedis can provide this data for all 20 countries where Amazon is active. The countries in which Amazon is now active are:

Amazon in the Americas: United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico and Brazil

Amazon in Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Turkey

Amazon in Asia: Japan, India, China and Singapore

Amazon in the Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt

Amazon in Oceania: Australia

…and more countries coming soon… We can add a new country within 24 hours if needed.

Implementation of Amazon data in a product feed

Dataedis can provide the data in a simple format: you can provide us with a product feed containing the EANs/GTINs or ASINs or search terms in the following formats: XML, JSON or CSV. At any time you can change the input feed so that we only provide the data for your most current list of articles or search terms.

Our feed with enriched Amazon data

The customer provides a feed location where we can retrieve the current selection of ASINs (or EANs/GTINs) or search terms on a daily basis. We will collect the data for these items. Every day at 07:00 UTC, a completely new data file in the desired format (XML, JSON or CSV) is available at the feed location that Dataedis supplies to the customer or service partner. This file can then be downloaded by the customer and loaded into their own system. Dataedis also offers an optional second update daily at the end of the afternoon (5:00 PM UTC).

If requested, the customer can also have certain columns from the input feed included in the output feed. For example, your own productIDs, ShopIDs or other fields can be included in the output.

For a free trial or a static assortment, a one-time file with all EANs/GTINs/ASINs is also sufficient. This is then used as a one-time import and the data for this selection is retrieved daily.

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