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Dataedis is serving many clients, directly (webshops) or indirectly (via B2B service providers, for example in Dynamic Pricing or Online Marketing). We would like to take you along the journey of some of our clients. These are some examples of clients we helped with the challenges concerning Competitor price tracking and competitor price monitoring:

Concurrentie prijs data monitoring

Assortment and pricing optimization international Sports & Fashion retailer

The client has two questions we help them with:

1. Who is selling the same items that are also in my assortment?
2. What is the pricing level for this set of products?

For the first question we offer a frequent market scan where we show all shops that are selling exactly the same items as they do. By offering us with a list of EAN/GTIN13 for the items in a product feed, we are able to retrieve targeted information on who is selling the same items. This is done for 300.000 items in several countries.

The client now filters the products where we did find shops that sell the same items and asked us to provide a daily update for the prices in the market. So based on their input feed we provide them with pricing data for Google Shopping on a daily basis. This is done with a selection of up to 150.000 items for many countries around the globe. The client has their own tooling to import the data and process this in their dashboard. They interpret the data themselves and perform price optimization themselves accordingly if needed.

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Digital Marketing agencies optimize Google Shopping campaigns with price data

Together with several specialists in the field of Digital Marketing, we have started to apply price data for the optimization of Google Shopping campaigns. By using the pricing data ROAS improvements of +40% and +50% are achieved. The result is a very satisfied partner and also a very satisfied end-customer.

How it works: The webshop delivers the items they advertise with in Google Shopping (or their full assortment). With this we retrieve the pricing data. Then business rules are applied, for example: If the customer is not in the top-5 of the best prices, this item will be removed from their own Google Shopping campaign. We also look at where there are not many other vendors selling the same item.  This means that the customer is only shown if there is a good offer for the consumer.

The results are very good and give great satisfaction to both B2B services providers (Digital Marketing agencies) and the web shops (end customer). Contact us to start a free pilot to experience this for yourself.

Competitor pricing data information
Concurrentie prijs data monitoring

Price optimization with increased coverage Retailer in Natural and healthy food

One of our clients was importing a wide set of items on a daily basis from another provider of pricing data. The number of items they received prices for was not the best. The coverage (percentage items results were provided for in relation to the total list of products) was significantly lower at that time. Then the client contacted Dataedis and was surprised by the improvement of the coverage.

The client is offering a dynamic set of items of around 40.000 items in the category of Natural and healthy food. Especially in this era of focus on staying healthy, the market grew drastically, but also the number of competitors grew significantly.

In order to grow and maintain the position in the market, dynamic pricing is crucial for this client. By monitoring the competitors complete insight are retrieved and action can be taken upon the data. The client has developed their own Price intelligence system and procedures to import the data.

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