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Category: Pricing data

Pricing, assortment and product specifications data for Google Shopping Amazon market places worldwide

Dataedis provides Pricing information data for

Starting this month Dataedis is able to provide the Pricing Data for, the large RUssian Market place with an enormous reach among online shoppers in the Russian Federation. Ozon is sometimes called the ‘Amazon of Russia’ because it is the leading e-commerce platform in the Russian Federation. The site is growing with impressive steps…
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Dataedis provides Amazon pricing data for all countries

Today is the big day that we can announce that Dataedis is open for providing Amazon pricing data. For all countries where Amazon is active we can provide you with the data from the Product Detail Pages of Amazon. Amazon is active in the following countries worldwide: Amazon in The Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico and…
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Development in Pricing data

Many retailers use pricing data to gain insight into the price level of other players in the market. This is done by ‘offline’ players who want to know how their price level stands up to the online providers. Also this is done by online players to know what the bandwidth is of the price levels,…
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